Dead Stars H-J of Pop & Rock Music

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link to Merle Haggard obituary   link to Michael Holliday obituary   link to Pete Ham obituary  link to Bill Haley obituarylink to George Harrison  link to Mike Harrison   link to Jet Harris obituary    link to Alex Harvey  lionk to Keef Hartley obituary   link to Bobby Hatfield obituary   link to Ricchie Havens obituary  link to Isaac Hayes obituary   link to Richie Hayward obituary    link to Whitney Houston obituary    link to Dick Hechstall Smith  Jimi Hendrix   link to Bob Hite  link to Jon Hiseman obituary link to Jim Hodder obituary   link to Buddy Holley obituary   Link to Dave Holland obituary      link to Nicky Hopkins obituary   link to Hugh Hopper obituary Link to Michael Hossack obituary   link to Alan Hull obituary   link to Michael Hutchence obituary    link to Scott Hutchinson obituary    link to Rick Huxley obituary   link to Janis Joplin    link to Michael Jackson obituary  link to Brian Jones    link to Davey Jones obituary     link to Etta James

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